This document describes what information is accessed by IRControl and how it is used. It also describes the required Android Permissions.

Responsability for data protection

Responsible provider of the IRControl App is:

Chaos Entertainment
Communication GmbH
Winkelgasse 8
CH-4310 Rheinfelden
see also (Kontaktdaten)


The free version of IRControl integrates advertising via the Google Admob network. This uses cookies or the Advertising ID to display personalized advertising.


(since Version 2.80)
IRControl analyzes the user behavior and the created data and sends them to us anonymously. The page layout designs created by the user are not transmitted or analyzed. We use the transmitted data exclusively to improve the functionality of the IRControl app. The analysis mechanism has been developed by us. The Data is sent directly to our servers via https (encrypted). This data analysis can be switched off at any time by the user (on the page of the privacy policy within the IRControl app).


IRControl records a detailed system log. This data will not be evaluated or transmitted to us. If necessary, they can only be transferred to us (for analysis purposes) manually via the Data Transfer function.

Android Permissions

IRControl uses the following Android Permissions:

Used to access the extenral memory or SDCard (Data Transfer function)
INTERNET Used to control the gateways (e.g. infrared transmitters).
Needed for Direct Wifi connection (Data Transfer).
Is needed for the control of the Wifi as well as for the Direct Wifi connection (Data Transfer) Wir für die Steuerung des Sony Infrarot Senders benötigt
CHECK_LICENSE Used for license verification (Plus Version).
CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATE Need it for multicast network access (multicast DNS for finding the gateways on the network) needed
WAKE_LOCK Needed to affect the behavior of the standby mode (Macro Schheduler)
TRANSMIT_IR Needed to control the internal IRBlaster.