The following chart visualizes the system architecture of the IRControl system  and its components.



Infrared Transmitter

An infrared Transmitter is a devices which you place somewhere in your room and sends infrared sequences to your infrared receiver devices link for example a TV. IRControl does support different types of infrared Transmitter. If you want to  control devices in different rooms, you need such an infared Transmitter in each room. You can configure in IRControl as much you want, also parallel from different type


A gateway is a part of the programm of the IRControl system, that communicate with the infrared transmitter. You have to configure a gateway for each transmitter you want to access.


Devices represents within the IRControl system the devices, you want to control (for example a TV). You have to configure for each of your devices you want to control such a device definition. You can control with a gateway as much devices you want (in IRContnrol). You have also to configure the device dependend infrared sequences while register a device.


Layouts are definitions of the user Interface of IRContros. Layouts contains buttons and other graphical controls, which are linked with the command (infrared codes), that are configured for a device. The design capabilities for layouts are open for your personal requirements. You can access different devices from the same layout as well you can access a device form different layouts. Therefore it is possible the build e very flexibel, individual control system for your home electronic equipment. Let your imagination run wild for your own design.