The IRControl product is a control system for electronics and home automation, which controls the corresponding devices via an infrared transmitter. The following devices are supported for sending the infrared codes :

  • Global Caché iTach Flex
  • Broadlink RM Pro
  • Logitech Harmony Hub
  • IRTrans Wifi
  • IrDroid USB Transceiver
  • Sony infrared interface (tablets, smartphones)
  • Android IRBlaster (tablets, smartphones)

The following devices can be controlled directly via LAN / Wifi:

  • Fritz!Box (for controlling Fritz DECT devices)
  • Apple TV 4
  • Philips Hue (LAN Bridge)
  • Google Chromecast
  • openHAB 2.0
  • myStrom Wifi Switch and Wifi Bulb
  • Intertechno energy switch with ITGW-433 gateway

The oustandig Feature of IRControl is that there are no restrictions on the design of the device control user Interface. This means that it goes far beyond the usual adjustment options available in other products. The layout, graphics, buttons and workflow of the pages are designed in the integrated graphics editor. This makes it possible to create a customized control system which is tailored to the user’s requirements. For users who are not very familiar with graphic design, predefined layout templates are available which are configured for the available devices based on a user-guided approach.

A highlight of the IRControl System is the integration of the BlueSound multiroom System, which merges the control of these devices with the control of your other devices.

IRControl needs a minimal resolution of your display of 1200 x 720 pixel. The program part for the configuration is otherwise meaningless to operate. It makes sense to use a larger smartphone or a tabletHowever, it is possible to design and run layouts for smaller devices. The execution part is available as a separate App (IRControl Executor), which can also be installed on devices with a small display.