Allbot Robot

Allbot Robot (controlled over IRBlaster, Global Caché iTach, Broadlink or IRTrans infrared transmitter) AllbotRobot.ipac


Apple TV 4 (infrared sender) AppleTV.ipac


Google Chromcast (over LAN/TCP) Chromcast.ipac

NAD / Bluesound

NAD M12 with BlueOS module (over LAN/TCP) NAD-M12_Bluesound.ipac
NAD C368 with BlueOS module (over LAN/TCP) NAD-C368_Bluesound.ipac
NAD C388 with BlueOS module (over LAN/TCP) NAD-C388_Bluesound.ipac


NAD C316 BEE Integrated Amplifier NAD_C316BEE.ipac
NAD C320 Integrated Amplifier NAD_C320.ipac
NAD C325 BEE Integrated Amplifier NAD_C325BEE.ipac
NAD C368 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier NAD-C368_IR.ipac
NAD C370 Integrated Amplifier NAD-C370.ipac
NAD C372 Integrated Amplifier NAD-C372.ipac
NAD C375 BEE Integrated Amplifier NAD_C375BEE.ipac
NAD C388 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier NAD-C388_IR.ipac
NAD CD Player (all) NAD-CDPlayer.ipac
NAD C422 AM/FM Tuner NAD_422.ipac
NAD C446 Digital Media Tuner NAD-C446.ipac
NAD C510 Direct Digtial DAC NAD-C510.ipac
NAD M12 Digtial Preamp DAC NAD_M12_IR.ipac
NAD M32 DirectDigital Amplifier NAD_M32_IR.ipac
NAD T535 DVD/SACD/CD Player NAD-T535.ipac
NAD T550 DVD Player NAD-T550.ipac
NAD T567 Blu-ray Player NAD-T567.ipac
NAD T587 Blu-ray Player NAD-T587.ipac
NAD T777 Surround Sound Receiver NAD-T777.ipac
NAD T787 Surround Sound Receiver NAD-T787.ipac


Bluewin TV 2.0 (needs seperate infrared cable) SwisscomTV.ipac


Cablecom Horizon Box Cablecom_Horizon.ipac


LG TV (all) LGTV.ipac


Panasonic TV (all) Panasonic-TV.ipac
Panasonic DMR recorder Panasoinc_DMR_Recorder.ipac


Philips Hue (over LAN/TCP to Philips Hue Bridge) PhilipsHue.ipac


SamsungTV (all) Samsung-TV.ipac


Sunrise TV Box Sunrise-TVBox.ipac